Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tip of the Day Show

It all started in 1999 when Shelby Dredge quit work to start a family. Shortly after giving birth to her first son, she also launched embellish IT! Being the business-minded person 

Shelby is, she thought starting a scrapbook business was the perfect excuse to carry out her passion for scrapbooking AND get the tax write-off. Over the years, embellish IT! has evolved into more than just something to do - it is has become her life. Her work includes exhibiting at Scrapbook Conventions, programming & managing an online website, tv spots, product design, traveling & teaching across the nation. Shelby is most passionate about teaching & sharing new products, techniques & ideas with others. Those who have taken classes from Shelby knows she teaches a variety of tips, tricks, ideas, short-cuts & better ways to do things. Shelby wants her Tip of the Day to be an extension of that but through video. Shelby will also show new products & tools, as well as feature giveaways.
For more info and a chance to win a Cricut E head on over to My Craft Channel.

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